Nov 24 2019

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing-Refacing Phoenix Arizona, kitchen cabinet refinishing.

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Phoenix Arizona’s premier custom cabinet refinishing and refacing company. Call Grapevine Cabinets for a free in-home consultation. 480-529-1399

GrapevineВ Cabinets is aВ small, family-owned companyВ specializing inВ the art of cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing in the Phoenix, ArizonaВ area.В If your finally tired of looking at your ugly, plain, discolored, or out-dated kitchen and bathroom cabinets,В allow usВ to revitalize them and enhance your home.В When constructed, many homes ended up with the basic boring cabinet style offered by the home builder.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing

For example, bargain golden oak cabinets seem to be everywhere in town. Home buyers even paid a premium for the white-washed cabinet look from the 90’s, which was popular in the Phoenix area. Your old cabinet finish may have also yellowed or faded over time.

We can easilyВ upgradeВ these and most other cabinet finishesВ by refacing or refinishing, transforming them into something stylish and much more appealing.В There’s no need toВ tear out everything and start over.В We canВ give even cheap looking cabinets a high-end look.В RefacingВ or refinishingВ your cabinetsВ will be less expensiveВ and easier than a complete cabinet replacement.В There’s less waste, too.В With either option,В we can make yourВ kitchen and bathroom cabinets look brand new again, guaranteed!В

High Quality Cabinet Refacing Refinishing

There are many cabinet refacing and refinishing contractors to choose from. At Grapevine Cabinets, our business is simple: To provide high quality cabinet refacing and refinishing products along with solid workmanship, for a fair price. That’s it. We take pride in our work. We don’t use subcontractors so each job is closely monitored for quality. Also, with a small advertising budget, our work must speak for itself and generate referrals.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Although we may not always have the cheapest price out there, our refacing and refinishing is top quality and our pricing is very competitive for the Phoenix market. We focus more on doing a quality job with lasting results. We won’t pressure you into something you don’t need or want. We’re honest, prompt, and 100% reliable.

PleaseВ review the refacing and refinishingВ information onВ our site. If you like what you see,В consider callingВ us for anВ in homeВ appointment.В We wouldВ love the opportunity toВ take a look atВ your cabinet situationВ and present our samples.В There is absolutely no pressure or obligation.

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